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"...my superior in some way..."

posted October 30, 2017 in life, the universe and everything

It has struck me that some great human beings have entered my orbit. I’ve been aware of this fact for some time, but for whatever reason it’s been bubbling up in my mind more as of late, so it seems like a worthy subject to write about.

I know one guy who is always calm under pressure. “It will all work out for the best” he says with absolute conviction, and somehow it seems to always be true. He does not just idly hope, though. His mind is an Olympic gymnast, he can think quickly and flexibly to turn a bad situation around.

Another friend is very analytical. He asks perceptive wayfinding questions that bring clarity to messy problems.

Someone else uses his powers for good1. I was in a cafe the other day where piano music was playing. I thought it was a recording, then I turn around and see that there’s a grand piano in the corner, and he’s the one playing! I had no idea he could do that. I’m often surprised by this person’s random abilities.

There’s this one friend who has great perspective. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. I get frustrated, he just laughs. It’s good to be reminded that most things are not worth worrying about.

Finally, there’s a more recent acquaintance who’s smile and gentle demeanor makes me feel welcome and safe. She asks thoughtful questions that get me thinking in compelling new trajectories.

These are just some of the luminaries I’ve been fortunate to know lately. I can at least be a good appreciator of their qualities and hope that they rub off on me. Hopefully there are people in your life who you regard as superior in some way. If not, go find them!


  1. Not to say the others use theirs for evil, that is.

  2. The title is taken from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.”