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posted November 15, 2017 in life, the universe and everything

The whole EventRay team, all three of us, got together in Atlanta this past week for a coding “sprint.” It was pretty successful on all fronts: We accomplished five weeks of work, ate real bar-b-que1, chicken and waffles, and saw Marietta’s giant animatronic chicken.

big chicken It’s trying to eat me!doing work Working from Cafe San Francisco (in Atlanta)

We stayed at a place near Chattahoochee River National Park, so I got to check another national park off my list. Went running on the trails there one morning and saw a giant buck.

It dawned on me that Atlanta has a November Project tribe, and that I could make their Wednesday morning workout before my flight home so I booked a hotel near Ponce City Market, where the workout would be held. I set my alarm before going to bed, then I woke up and saw 6:22 on my clock, eight minutes before the start! I never sleep through my alarm. I leapt out of bed, got dressed, ran outside and started booking it. Now, it was a special workout in that everyone was encouraged to bring a few cans of food for a local charity. So there I was, running pell-mell in the early morning twilight, carrying my four cans of Green Giant. I get to the meeting spot expecting to see a big crowd. No one. A minute later I see a couple guys running, so I hazard to guess they’re also looking for the workout. Turns out they are, and they’re somewhat familiar with the area, so after a bit of wandering around we come to a park and see some people running with cans. Success!

The workout was designed to incorporate the cans: running with one can in each hand, doing lunges while shoulder pressing the cans, you get it… During the workout I got my shirt “tagged”2 with the Atlanta tribe’s decal: ATL inscribed in a peach, then afterwards got some coffee with the friendly leaders of the Atlanta tribe and another visitor from Austin, Texas. Then I booked it back to the hotel to get ready for my flight.

NP ATL The workout crewleaders, the traveller and me Myself, two of the leaders and the visitor from Austin


  1. First place we went to was a korean/southern bar-b-que fusion joint. We later decided that didn't really count and went to a place called D.B.A. in Virginia Highlands.
  2. Spray-painted. It's like a wearable passport book!