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posted July 01, 2018 in life, the universe and everything

What hubris. Publishing a blog at a website named after yourself? Adding to the ever-growing ocean of information whatever commonplace thought crosses your mind? For whom? Who cares? Why?

You’re looking at it all wrong. It’s not for anyone but myself, and if anyone else reads it, great. The idea is to be “process oriented” rather than results oriented, to practice getting thoughts out of my head and into words. If the results are not remarkable, that’s fine, but the possibility that they might be, eventually, provides a little extra motivation.

Inspired by this podcast episode from Seth Godin I’m going to try to write something, no matter how inspired or smart I feel, every day. Because I like ideas. I like other people’s ideas, but only consuming other people’s ideas gets old after a while. I believe in the idea, which is echoed by Seth and many others, that the best way to have ideas is to write, and write a lot. Though originality is a fuzzy notion, I feel confident in saying this particular post has zero original ideas, but if I keep restating unoriginal ideas long enough, eventually whether by accident or insight I’ll say something sort of novel.